Finding meaning, reality, and purpose

I am a husband of 27 years and a father of two teenage boys. I have a Master’s degree in engineering and am the president of a very successful engineering firm. Before the age of 21 I had no knowledge of the Bible and I had no Christian knowledge or experience. Throughout the first twenty-one years of my life I had a deep realization of my inner need for something outside of myself. I had a deep realization that I did not fit in the world in my present state. I realized that I was seriously lacking in inner content of reality and purpose. This condition drove me to seek the meaning of life and my existence. My search ended when the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached to me on a college campus. I was dynamically saved. My salvation was a great wonder not only to me but to those around me. Several of these were saved through my testimony. I then spontaneously became very excited and hungry for Christian fellowship and significant spiritual literature. I found both twenty-six years ago in the local churches which had the largest volume of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee’s writings. One of the crowns of Witness Lee’s ministry work was the Recovery Version of the New Testament. This version with its footnotes and cross references has been a phenomenal source of nourishment and enlightenment and renewing that has affected all parts of my life. This ministry plus the fellowship of the local churches has greatly and positively affected every facet of my life. This has been God’s answer to the meaning of my human life, and has become my inner content of reality and purpose.